A series of leaks have given a sneak peek of two of GoPro’s upcoming cameras, the GoPro Hero 8 action camera and the GoPro Max 360 camera. The leaked photos suggest that a new replacement for the GoPro Fusion has been registered with the Japanese Ministry of Communications. This forthcoming camera from GoPro also seems to be registered with the FCC under the code SPCC1. We expect these rumors to be true eventually. Agree? Let us know your thought in the comment section below.
We’ll talk about the expected features, price, release date, and how the rumored features in GoPro Max 360 compare with the current ones in GoPro Fusion 360.

1Expected Features

Leaked photos show a dome-shaped camera lens on the front and the back along with a new display screen on one side. The current model, GoPro Fusion, comes with a small monochrome information panel but no display screen. Shooting without a display means you’re shooting blindly and hoping for the best, so a display is a welcome addition.
Another improvement seems to be the ability to record videos using a single SD card. The current model, which was launched two years ago, requires you to have 2 SD cards, one for each of the cameras.

2Expected Launch Price

GoPro Fusion, which usually retails for $599, is currently selling at a heavily discount price of $299. Although no additional details related to price have been leaked, we expect the price to be somewhere in the range of $499-$599.

3Expected Release Date

GoPro usually launches a new camera in September every year, and in May this year, they announced plans to launch new cameras across all current price points. The leaks also suggest that the GoPro Max 360 will be announced in September this year along with three other cameras – The Hero 8 Black, Hero 8 White and the Hero 8 Silver. GoPro has announced the event on October, 1. Max 360 seems to be launched then.
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4So how does GoPro Max 360 compare with the GoPro Fusion 360?

While the leaks do not reveal a lot of specs, two distinct features appear to have been improved upon from the GoPro Fusion. First is the addition of a new display and the second is the ability to record everything on one SD card. With such improvements, it appears that GoPro is committed to improving its products after taking user feedback into account. It would be interesting to see if there are any enhancements in the existing 360 technology when it is officially announced.

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