How To Remove People From A Photo In Photoshop CC


Hello heroes. Sometimes it happens, that you captured several photos, came home and realized that there were items on it that you don’t like.
Now I would like to show you the simplest way of removing items from a photo.

  1. At first duplicate layer. Press control + J for windows user or command + J for Mac users. It prevents us from altering the original.
  2. Go to lasso to make a freehand selection. And select the area that you would like to remove. You can hold shift to expand or alt to reduce the selected area.
  3. After that go to edit and click fill or use shift + F5 hotkey. Choose Content-Aware and be sure that color adaptation is enabled.
  4. Then click ok. Item is removed successfully.

That’s all. If you don’t like the results you can use control + z to cancel effect or just delete a duplicated layer.
Thanks for watching. Next time I will show you another way of reducing items on a photo.
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