5 Best Gimbals for Smartphones in 2019


Hello Heroes, Today I would like to tell you about the 5 best gimbals for smartphones. A gimbal stabilizer will always be more steady than your hand, and they can eliminate shaky or blurry footage to help your videos look better than ever before. Let’s start.


EVO SHIFT Smartphone Gimbal transforms both your iPhone and Android into a quality video camera, making every moment you shoot look professional. It can shoot stunningly smooth video anytime, or unlock intelligent control features to track objects, shoot panoramas or even capture motion time-lapse. This gimbal has up to 10 hours of run time with a record and zooms full controls from the handle. It comes in three colors such as gunmetal, rose gold, and black. The device is compatible with iPhone and Android handheld devices.

4Freefly Movi Cinema Robot

Freefly Movi Cinema Robot comes with two rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries and USB A-C Cable with Rugged Travel Case, Peak Design 5L Everyday Sling Bag, Ash, and Rode. It has a VideoMicro compact on-camera microphone with Rycote Lyre shock mount, Movi hoodie accessory mount, rode microphones SC7 3.5mm TRS to TRRS patch cable for iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones. The battery is lasting up to 8 hours at full charge with auto and manual control balance tuning.

3Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun Smooth 4 is an outstanding gimbal that provides multi-axis control, zoom capabilities, and focus pull. It’s a little bit more substantial than some other gimbals, but the metal construction is a welcome feature that should ensure the device won’t shatter if you accidentally drop it. This device can respond to movement without delay, so, you wouldn’t need to worry if a shot is not taken. It comes with focus pull, time-lapse and objects tracking and it’s one of the most comfortable handles around.

2Moza Mini-MI

Moza Mini-MI is an excellent smartphone gimbal, and it is built with a 3-axis smartphone gimbal stabilizer with Wireless Phone charging both on iPhone and Android smartphones. The MOZA App features professional photo and video settings. You can use the built-in buttons on the handgrip to control, focus, zoom, view photos, slow-motion time-lapse, panoramas, change ISO, shutter, EV, and white balance. It’s a user-friendly quick launch with accessories for full expansions. Unleash your creativity with the Mini-MI features such as the independent control system for each axis; Roll, Yaw, and Pitch.

1DJI Osmo Mobile 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is made for capturing memorable events. It has a lightweight design, intelligent functions, and a long-lasting battery with up to 15 hours. It lets you share your story by allowing you to take a snapshot of several occasions and gestures. The gimbal syncs up with an included DJI GO app to provide you with a comprehensive workflow consisting of multiple shooting modes and functions, including portrait, underslung, flashlight, time-Lapse, active track, and motion lapsed cinematic zoom control.

I hope you find this video helpful.
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